Who I Am…

I am….32 years old.

I want….to leave my mark on this world.

I have….a large loving family.

I wish….that my loved ones will always know how much I love them.

I hate….hate.

I fear….failure, and spiders.

I hear….the sweet voices of my 1 year olds having a full on conversation with each other.

I search….the internet constantly.

I wonder….what Apple will think of next.

I regret….not going to college. Dr. Ramirez has such a nice ring to it.

I love….watching my husband play with our babies.

I ache….from those last 3 push-ups.

I always….have to have the last word.  Yep.  I.  Do.

I usually….watch the same shows day after day, even though I know “He is NOT the father”

I am not….to be underestimated.

I dance….like Carlton.

I sing….like Roseanne.

I never….remember to empty my pockets before washing my jeans.

I sometimes….stay awake just to watch my babies sleep.

I cry….when I watch the news.

I am not always….on time…..ever.

I lose….my phone atleast once a week.

I am confused….in Zumba class. (Or should I say uncoordinated?)

I need….to spend more time in my beautiful backyard.

I should….teach outdoor yoga.

Who are you??

(Post idea from Our Love Never Fails)


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