April Favorites

And just like that…..Poof…..April 2014 is in the books.  Here’s a few products I was loving (and some not so much) this month.

Beauty Favorites:

Bite Lush Lip Tint – A pretty, lightweight tinted balm, perfect for those of us that aren’t bold enough (or just flat out scared) to go all out with a real lipstick.  And, since it’s sheer, it makes it great for the summer.  Another benefit is how moisturizing it is, and the super cute packaging doesn’t hurt either!  The only downside is its price….a little high at $24.  Found at Sephora.bite lush lip tint

Bite Agave Lip Mask – A super hydrating, thick, Vaseline like product to help the scaliest of lips.  No matter how often I reapply my holy grail lip balm (Burt’s Bees), I am still dry several hours later.  I decided to add this intense treatment to my night time routine.  One downside is the product is soooo thick, it actually makes it makes it a little hard to get out of the tube. Small price to pay for soft lips though.  Found at Sephora. $26bite agave lip mask

Jamberry Nail Stickers –  I love nail stickers in general, but Jamberry is a home based business, giving people who are looking to make a little extra cash the opportunity to at their own leisure.  One of my girlfriends recently started as a consultant and offered to throw an online Facebook party for all my FB friends.  I jumped on board to not only help her get a jump start to her business, but to also introduce these time savers to all my mommy friends.  There are over 300 styles to choose from, so everyone is bound to find one they love!  Easy to apply and remove, no drying time, and last for up to 2 weeks on your fingers (up to 4 on toes).  Check the styles out at Jamberry.com.  About $15.jamberry jamberry1

Softsoap Decor Collection – Not really a ‘beauty’ item, but it sure is pretty to look at!  I love that Softsoap has taken something that every single one of us has on our counter tops and made it not only functional (as a liquid and pump), but also made it beautiful.  Because lets face it…..it’s soap.  Not meant to be pretty, just useful.  But, in this case we can thank them for making it both!  $3.49 at Target. soap

Random Favorites:

Turbo Tax Deluxe – Yes, I did just put a reference of taxes on my favorites list.  Nerd.  I’m aware.  But, our favorite tax preparer is no longer taking clients and we were forced to find other means.  I heard from several people that the Turbo Tax program was quick and easy because they basically walk you through every scenario and help you get the highest possible deductions.  I have to admit that I was a little afraid when I was setting it up, and even hit a few snags along the way.  It wasn’t the programs fault though, it was a lack of correct info on my part.  But, once I located the correct stuff, I was good to go.  It took me about 3 hours to complete, which was OK.  I just opted to log into Pandora to keep my sanity level in check.  Two thumbs up, I’ll definitely be using it again next year!  FYI, the best price I found was at Costco.turbo tax

Cost Plus World Market Outdoor Rugs:  My hubby did such an awesome job a few weeks ago cleaning our backyard (from the winter damage) and planting all new annuals. To help add color and give it an overall sprucing, my mom and I took to the stores to find a nice outdoor rug to add some color to the patio.  I was having some serious heart palpitations over the prices of outdoor rugs at Target and similar stores.  So, we headed over to Cost Plus World Market hoping to stumble on something. I was able to score a huge outdoor mat for only $39.  It is bright, weather resistant and looks so awesome.contemporary-outdoor-rugs

Food Favorites:

Nothing Bundt Cake (Bundtini’s) – Hands down the best alternative to a traditional cupcake!  My Aunt served these during a party for one of her kids and my husband and I just fell in love with them.  They are just the right size, moist, and there is just enough frosting to not be too overpowering.  We are soooo lucky it’s about a 30 minute drive to the nearest location, otherwise we’d be filling up our frequent shopper cards more than we’d like to admit!  Yum-Onothing bundt cake



Dislikes, Major Fails, Back to the Drawing Boards:

Kenra 25 Hairspray – #1 it smells awful.  #2 it smells awful.  #3 it smells awful………………………#4,5,6,7,8,9,10 I don’t care how well it works, it smells awful.kenra

Philosophy Peppermint Stick Body Wash – So, I picked up this pretty little bottle during Christmas time at Sephora for only $10 (normally $17).  Great deal right?  Not exactly.  I’m hoping maybe this is just a bad batch, and it doesn’t normally smell this bad.  But, it actually smells like someone dropped a cigarette in the formula while it was mixing.  No, really.  I feel like I’m smearing straight ash and smoke all over my skin.  I thought “OK maybe since it’s that time of the month, my senses are just working overtime”, so I put it off to the side and figured I would pick it back up in a week or so to re-try.  Well lets just say it never got any better.  I used it off and on over the next couple of weeks, desperately trying to make it work but I just couldn’t.  I’ll have to see if Sephora will take this back, even though its been a few months.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Philosophy products though, especially the Purity face wash.  My advice is to just steer clear of this particular product.philosophy

What were you loving in April?  Let me know in the comments below!

Peace, Love, and Computer hugs,





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