DIY Halloween Skullz Wreath

Looking for a quick and easy art project that will send chills up the back of anyone who approaches your door on Halloween?  This skull wreath will surely do the trick.  Follow the easy steps below and score one of the scariest wreaths around. Add spiderweb or bloody cheese cloth to pump up the creepiness! Enjoy!

halloween skull wreath


Supplies Needed:

10 Plastic Skulls (found at the dollar store)

1 Wire Wreath (Hobby Lobby about $3.60)

2-3 Cans of Glitter Spray Paint (Hobby Lobby $7.99 each before coupon)

Decorative Sign (Hobby Lobby aout $1.80)

Burlap (enough to hang) (Hobby Lobby about $6)

Spiders (Hobby Lobby $0.60)

Hot Glue Gun

3M Hanger (for door, Target about $5)

halloween collage

1. Start by spraying all 10 skulls (in a well ventilated area, outside) with a coat of the glitter paint (make sure you cover the surface you are painting on).  Let dry overnight.

2. Arrange the 10 skulls facing inward on the wire wreath and begin gluing them down with the hot glue gun (again cover the surface you are working on).  Allow each to dry really well before moving on to the next one (about 5-10 min each).

3. Once dry, use this opportunity to take the wreath outside and re-spray some of the skulls if needed (allow to fully dry before moving on).

3. Next, slip the burlap through the wire wreath and cut to desired hanging length.  Then, tie a knot at the top to create a loop for hanging.

4. Use the hot glue gun to randomly place plastic spiders on the burlap.

5. Hang the decorative sign downward from the top of the wreath so it hangs in the center of all the skulls. (use hot glue to keep it in place if needed)

6. Hang the 3M hook according to the directions on the back.

7. Hang your wreath!

If you decide to make this wreath or any version of it, please tag me on IG @highheelsandsteeltoeboots.

Peace, Love, and Happy Halloween,


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