Swimwear on Fire!

Hi Friends!

I’ve been on a total bathing suit kick lately, picking up 4 tops (to be matched with neutral bottoms) at my local Target store.  I am in total love with all of them (all under $20) and probably would’ve purchased more, had they carried my size.  I was in total shock at how much Target stepped up their swimsuit game this year. So much so, that I tell almost anyone who will listen!  I will say, if you find something you love there, do NOT hesitate!  If you walk away……….I guarantee you it WILL be gone the next day!  I purchased 4 tops on  Saturday (without trying them on) and when I got home, of course, they didn’t fit.  I went back the NEXT day, and POOF, all gone.  Not to say I didn’t find suitable (no pun intended) replacements, but I was really bummed they pretty much got picked over in a matter of 24 hours.  Here are a few of my favorites from Target.com target swim collage 2015


If you are looking for a fabulous one-piece, you definitely need to check out Urban Outfitters.  I am so impressed with how many cute suits they are offering this season.  I will probably be purchasing one new one-piece this year (UO tends to be a little more pricey)…………..but I am NOT looking forward to having to narrow down these options.  They are all pretty much to die for!  UO collage

What style bathing suits are you into?  And, where do you shop for them?

Peace, Love and computer hugs,



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