Fall Fashion 2015

So we haven’t exactly started experiencing fall weather just yet here in Northern California, but that’s certainly no reason to be unprepared, right?

Can you sense the shopping justification I just did right there??

I know I should be turning my nose up at TJMaxx for already transitioning into sweaters and jackets when it’s still 90 degrees, as I did to Hobby Lobby TWO MONTHS AGO when they put Christmas stuff out, but I just can’t help it.  Cold weather clothes seriously have me wrapped around their warm little fingers!

Below you’ll find my 2015 Fall Fashion essentials, which include cute on trend jackets and vests (yes, I said vests…..a la Marty McFly), over the knee boots, and plaid on plaid on plaid.

Happy Shopping my friends!

fall2015Green/Khaki Utility Jacket // Red/Black Plaid Tunic // Plaid Scarf // Black Long Vest // Denim Dress // Grey Coat // Frost Free Vest // Black White Plaid Button up // Slouchy Beanie //

Tall Boots // Black Cape Coat // Candle // Camel Cape

Peace, Love and Computer Hugs,



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